Wax melts in fresh scents

With wax melts in floral scents you bring a piece of nature into your home! Discover a collection of pure flowers such as Jasmine, Magnolia, Sakura or opt for a magical flower mix that stimulates your senses.

Buy floral scented wax melts

Wax melts in floral scents not only provide enchanting aromas, but also have a direct effect on your mood. The refined scents of flowers can help you relieve stress every day and transport you to another place and time. Dive into the lush aromas of our floral wax melts and experience the soothing relaxation, the piece of nature in your home and the coziness they provide.

Let yourself be surrounded by the floral enchantment of our Pink rose jam, Relax mom (lavender), Sakura, Black orchid or the flower mix of Floral Festival and feel the soothing essence of a blooming garden. Is your favorite flower or flower mix not listed? Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to think along with you!

Skullding Hot presents a varied palette of tempting options to choose from. Discover which floral scent stimulates your senses and takes you to a world of relaxation and happiness.