Fragrance sticks

Scent any room with these fragrance sticks! Discover our fragrance sticks in luxurious perfume scents, fresh laundry or go for classic scents such as vanilla and lavender.
Do you want your favorite wax melt scent as fragrance sticks or do you have a request? Please feel free to contact us!

Discover enchanting scents with our fragrance sticks collection

Welcome to the sophisticated world of fragrance sticks, where aromas subtly dance in the air and awaken your senses with every breath. At Skullding Hot we believe that every space deserves its own unique scent story, and our fragrance sticks are the perfect way to achieve this.

How do fragrance sticks work?

Our fragrance sticks provide an elegant and continuous aroma, without any effort on your part. The fragrant liquid in the bottle is absorbed by the natural rattan sticks, which gently spread the perfume upwards. This way you are surrounded by a pleasant scent, without having to do anything. Place them in any desired room - from living room, toilet to bathroom - and let the scents blend harmoniously with your environment.

Tip: Turn the sticks over once a week to freshen the scent and prevent them from becoming too clogged with oils and dust. Turn them once a day if you want a more powerful scent. Be careful not to spill any oil when you turn them over.

The advantages of our fragrance sticks: 

Our fragrance sticks do more than just spread a pleasant scent. They take the atmosphere to a higher level, create a feeling of tranquility and elegance, and enhance the aesthetics of your interior. Whether you choose the lush floral scent of lavender, the invigorating freshness of Clean Cotton, or the warm notes and perfume of Opium is Black, our fragrance sticks add a touch of class and personality to any room.

Everything is homemade and we are happy to take requests! Is your favorite scent not listed? Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to think along with you!

Go for a sustainable scent experience: 

In addition to enriching your living space, we also strive for an environmentally conscious scent experience. Our fragrance sticks are made from vegetable oils and do not contain alcohol. This makes them last extra long, the scent is extra enhanced and you also contribute to a more sustainable world.