Scented candles in glass

This special one scented candles in glass are completely upcycled! The ecological candles are cast in recycled glassware. They are enriched with wonderful scents, beautiful themes and know how to complete the atmosphere with an average of 30 burning hours. 
Looking for personalized scented candles or purchasing for a company or organization?
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Want to buy special scented candles in glass?

The scented candles from Skullding Hot are cast in second-hand glassware. They have been completely upcycled, giving them a luxurious look. The scented glass candles are a cheap and sustainable alternative to purchasing glassware from wholesalers. Love pink, think green! ♻ Complete your space with the most special scents. A super nice gift for yourself!

Personalized scented candles in glass

Is your favorite scent not listed or would you like to have a personal candle cast with your own label? For a birthday, for friends or for a shop? Please email us, then we would be happy to discuss the possibilities!

Vegan scented candles made from soy wax and coconut wax

The plant-based scented candles are made from a mix of ecological soy wax and coconut wax and are enriched with delicious scents. The natural scented candles do not contain paraffin, so the scent is better distributed and does not cause bad smells or headaches. Read more about this on our sustainable products page. The scented candles are packaged in fully recycled cardboard packaging and contain the required CLP information on the label.

Handmade ecological scented candles in glass

The scented glass candles are all hand-poured, which may lead to variations in weight and color! There may occasionally be some imperfections in the surface or the wick may not be perfectly centered. This illustrates evidence of pure craftsmanship, in which perfection does not exist or is necessary. Read all about it here tips and safety when burning candles and wax melts.