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Stay hot, keep it green! 
We really love pink here, but we think green as much as possible.

Sustainable products for the home

Are you looking for a sustainable gift? At Skullding Hot we try to minimize the burden on the world and enjoy it to the maximum! Whether you want to treat yourself or surprise someone else: with our sustainable products you open up a world of scents and colors, while we remain as green as possible on the inside. From start to finish: from environmentally friendly raw materials and plastic-free packaging to second-hand items and recycled shipping boxes. We strive to keep everything as sustainable as possible. Sustainable shopping has never been so much fun!

Sustainable raw materials

What is rapeseed wax?
Everything starts with a base and at Skullding Hot we make our candles and wax melts from rapeseed wax. This is a natural wax made from the seeds of the rapeseed plant. It is a 100% natural, plant-based and biodegradable product.

The rapeseed wax used by Skullding Hot is grown on vacant fields in Germany to prevent crop diseases. Not only is this close to home, but it also keeps transport costs low. This means that rapeseed wax has less impact on the environment than, for example, soy wax, which is often grown in America and must be brought to the Netherlands by ship.

These are the benefits of rapeseed wax:

  • Rapeseed wax burns longer and smells better than paraffin candles and wax melts.
  • Rapeseed wax smokes less and burns cleaner, resulting in much less soot.
  • Rapeseed wax increases the CO2 content in the air (compared to paraffin candles and wax melts).
  • Rapeseed wax is non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • Rapeseed wax does not cause grease stains and is easy to remove (see our tips & safety page).

Headache from scented candles and wax melts? No more!
In addition to the fact that rapeseed wax is environmentally friendly, it does not contain paraffin. Parawatte? Paraffin! This is extracted from petroleum and creates a beautiful gloss layer on candles. Evaporation can release irritants that irritate the respiratory tract and eyes, which can cause headaches. This also often gives off a sickly smell, which is at the expense of the wax melt smell. Skullding Hot prefers to opt for an ecological approach without the 'perfect' gloss layer.

This choice means there is little risk of headaches or other complaints such as asthma, COPD or migraine. We also offer wax melts with hypoallergenic scents, which work well for people with allergic reactions. We are receiving more and more positive responses! Naturally, reactions differ per person and we can therefore offer no guarantee, but we would like to invite you to try our products.

In addition to ecological wax, we also use natural mica color pigments to give everything a beautiful color. This also creates unique and natural glitter effects when it melts. A win-win situation!

Have you spilled candle wax or melted wax melts? Don't panic sweety! Read all about this on the tips & safety page.

Sustainable entrepreneurship:

Sustainable packaging materials
Skullding Hot thinks about sustainable materials and packaging: all wax melts are packaged in unbleached, biodegradable bags. Scented candles are cast in second-hand glassware, which has been completely upcycled.

Sustainable shipping materials
All shipping boxes and filler materials (anything not pink) are lovingly collected by friends, family and neighbors! Everything gets a second life here and together we contribute to a sustainable world. After all, it's not about the outside, it's about the love inside, right?

Sustainable fragrance burners
Why buy everything from a wholesaler when there is already so much around you? We collect many scented burners from thrift stores or flea markets. They are completely refurbished, so that they are ready to shine again in your home. This saves a lot of production costs and also gives products a nice second life. For example, we offer cheap scented burners in a range that changes quickly and often, or you can find unique burners. Keep it hot!

Sustainable collaboration with Skullding Hot? 

Are you looking for ecological products or scented candles in large numbers for your company or organization? Skullding Hot is happy to think along with you! Whether you want a product from our standard collection, a sample set for a gift box, mini skull candles as a gift, or scented candles for your company, read more about this on our wholesale pagina or contact us about your idea. We are very curious and would like to think along with you!

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