Which scent suits me?

Info and tips to discover your favorite scent.

Flavor is terribly personal. All it takes is one drop of extra vanilla and it turns one person off, while another becomes more enthusiastic... Crazy, isn't it? Scent determines 75% of our emotions. With scent you evoke memories, a feeling or a positive or negative association. Think of the smell of the sea and the beach, a fresh bunch of flowers or that delicious tropical cocktail. Through all your life experiences, everyone has built up a personal scent database, which means that scent is different for everyone. That’s hot right?

You can control your emotions with scents. You can use it to evoke memories to reconnect with yourself or to generate new energy. You often ask the question: How do I want to feel, what do I need? Are you looking for complete relaxation, do you need more energy, do you want to feel more confident or are you looking for a scent to make the atmosphere even more romantic? So you can create all kinds of things with scent... Wow, it almost sounds like a fairy tale! Each scent has basically the same power, but evokes a different feeling for everyone. That is exactly why you and scents are so special, and at Skullding Hot we like to make this fairy tale complete.

Which scent suits me?

From the basics, we have grouped all scents into 5 types: Floral scents, Fresh scents, Fruity scents, Wood scents and Oriental scents. These groups often have the same underlying scent, a base. Other scents are added to this base (heart notes and head notes) that make every scent experience unique.

Fresh scents:

Fresh scents are often light and aquatic, full of energy. They are powdery, have a menthol base, a hint of citrus and are incredibly sparkling. Do you also become so happy when you can take a walk in a thick layer of snow, or when spring slowly arrives and everything feels clean again? Or do you just need some extra energy to take action? Then you have always come to the right place for fresh scents.

Season: Winter, Spring
Emotion: Energy, happiness, refreshing
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Floral scents:

Floral scents are really associated with women. These are often sweeter scents, rich due to the different combinations of flowers. Think of ylang ylang, jasmine, roses or violets. Floral scents are seen as elegant, romantic, passionate and subtle. They are absolutely feminine and very cheerful at the same time!

Season: Spring Summer
Emotion: Romantic, feminine, soothing
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Fruity scents:

Fruity scents are often sweet, exotic and warm. Think of pineapple, peach and orange, but also refreshing citrus scents such as lime, grapefruit and bergamot. Fruity scents often make a delicious cocktail and are perfect for people who love summer, cannot make a choice in the candy department in the supermarket and are (almost) always cheerful. Fruity scents make you even happier!

Season: Summer
Emotion: Happy, youthful, energetic
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Oriental scents:

Oriental fragrances are often spicy and have Oriental flowers and African spices as a base. They are very seductive and somewhat more sensual than wood scents. They often have vanilla, musk and patchouli as a base. Think of the sensual scents of incense or the wonderful, cozy feeling of Christmas spices.

Season: Autumn winter
Emotion: Warmth, security, coziness, sensual
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Wood scents:

Woody fragrances often contain a rich blend of different types of wood. Think of warm and mysterious sandalwood, sharp cedarwood and fresh pine scent. Woody scents are often unisex and often form the basis of male perfumes. If you enjoy a wonderful walk in the woods in the spring, the smell of nature and down-to-earthness, then wood scents are really something for you.

Season: Spring, winter
Emotion: Peace, relaxation, naturalness
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