Tips and safety

Skullding Hot provides every order with a tips and safety card about the use of candles and wax melts. Keep this safe! 

How can you remove candle wax?

Skullding Hot uses rapeseed wax, an ecological raw material and is biodegradable. This is noticeable because it is (fortunately!) easy to remove from tables, floors or clothing and does not leave grease stains.

Removing candle wax from table or floors: Wait for the wax complete has hardened. This means that in most cases you can easily pop or push the wax loose with your finger. If this does not work, use your nail or a (bank) card to remove the candle wax. You don't want to damage the floor or table, so use it NO knife or other sharp object!
You can easily remove other stains with hot water.

Remove candle wax from clothing: Wait for the wax complete has hardened. By moving the fabric you can easily wipe off the wax. Any stains left behind can be removed with hot water or with a run through the washing machine, all stains will disappear in no time!

General safety of candles and wax melts:

    • Limit the concentration of fragrance in the air by burning the candle and fragrance burner in a room of sufficient size and provide ventilation occasionally.
    • Never leave a candle burning unattended
    • Keep children and pets away
    • Keep away from flammable materials

Tips and safety freestanding candles: 

    • Cut the wick of the candle to 0.5 - 1 cm before each use. A longer wick can cause the candle to smoke or flicker.
    • Always place the candle on a non-flammable coaster, saucer or candlestick. Never loose on a flammable surface or near flammable materials.
    • Above 28 degrees Celsius, the candle can melt (deform). Do not place the candle in full sun or warm rooms in the summer

Tips and safety wax melts:

    • DO NOT add water or fragrance oil to the wax
    • To remove soft wax melts: Is the wax still hot? Grab a piece of paper towel, a cotton ball or toilet paper. Place this in the bowl of the fragrance burner and allow it to be completely absorbed with the wax. You can throw away the paper with the wax and don't feel guilty! Rapeseed wax is completely biodegradable. If necessary, grab an extra piece of paper to remove the last bits of paper and wipe the bowl clean. Tada, everything is spick and span again!
    • To remove solidified wax melts: Rapeseed wax is ideal to remove when it is completely hard and you can often quickly 'scoop' it out of the saucer by applying pressure. Otherwise, you can turn on a tea light or the electric wax warmer again so that the bottom softens and you can still 'scoop' it out. Just wipe off the last residue with a paper towel and Tadaa! A child can do the wax!

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