Wax melts in perfume scents

Wax melt in perfume scents take your home to the next level! Inspired by popular designer fragrances and a perfect gift (for yourself!). Do you miss a certain scent? Feel free to send a message, we are happy to take requests!

Buy wax melts in perfume scents

Perfume wax melts have an incredibly rich scent that gives both yourself and your home a completely new experience. A cheap alternative to add your favorite designer scent to your entire room! Skullding Hot's perfume wax melts are all inspired by well-known designers, so they are never exactly the same... but we do our best to get as close as possible. Just like paparazzi!  

Discover enchanting aromas inspired by designer fragrances - wax melts perfume scents that provide luxury and exclusivity. Wax melts in perfume scents are ideal to give as a gift (don't forget yourself!). Ideal for discovering new scents and starting your own perfumery at home.
The most popular women's and men's perfume scents have been transformed into wax melts based on ecological rapeseed wax.

Which wax melt with perfume scent is your favorite?

The collection is growing due to many requests. Be sure to follow us on social media and stay up to date with the latest fragrances! Do you miss a certain scent? Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to think along with you!

Skullding Hot's wax melts are sustainable, biodegradable and packaged plastic-free.