Limited Edition candles

These Limited Edition skull candles are produced from casting remains! The wax is completely reused and transformed into unique eye-catchers. Sustainable, zero waste and ultimate feeling of happiness of one-of-a-kind. Love pink and keep it green!

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Discover unique interior candles: the Limited Edition candles

The Limited Edition candles from Skullding Hot are true works of art of creativity and sustainability. Each copy is a unique masterpiece, because there is only one of them. These candles are made with love and dedication, cast from carefully collected residual wax to prevent waste. The result is a collection of beautiful candles that each tell their own story.

What makes the Limited Edition candles so special are the special swirls and colors that have been added. Inspired by films, music, nature and emotions, these candles have a visual splendor that stimulates the senses. Each candle has its own unique shape, vibrant colors and special name, making them a unique addition to your home.

Special candles: a zero-waste creation

The magic behind the Limited Edition candles starts with our commitment to sustainability. They are created from collected residual wax, a collection of leftovers left after pouring wax melts and candles. These remains are carefully sorted by color, resulting in a beautiful palette of shades for each candle. The basis of these candles is formed by ecological rapeseed wax, a biodegradable raw material that is grown on vacant fields. The great thing is that this rapeseed wax is grown within Europe, which helps keep transport costs low and reduces the ecological footprint. Read more about sustainability and our ecological choices here. 

The Limited Edition candles are a beautiful way to enrich your space with art and character, while contributing to the conservation of our planet. A new collection is usually launched around February and March. Subscribe to the newsletter and be the first to know!