Vegan tea lights

Looking forvegan soy tea lights? Meet these natural tea lights made from a soy wax and rapeseed wax combination. These ecological tea lights are environmentally conscious, completely plant-based and are packed with fun.

Choose vegan soy tea lights

Looking for vegan tea lights? Skullding Hot's soy tea lights are made from soy wax and rapeseed wax. This beautiful plant-based combination is completely vegan. In addition, the vegan tea lights offer an equally beautiful burning time, a quiet flame and no soot formation. These tea lights burn for eight hours and are an excellent alternative to conventional tea lights.

These vegan tea lights are indispensable and ideal for use in a tea light holder or scented burner. They provide an extra romantic and cozy effect in the evening. The vegan tea lights are available in sets of 24 pieces, so that you have sufficient stock for the time being. Each tea light has a burning time of approximately 8 hours. For extra fun and enjoyment!

Buying soy tea lights: An ecological choice

Did you know that tea lights are the most sold candles in every household? To keep up with the times, these vegan soy tea lights offer an even more sustainable alternative. Thanks to the use of natural ingredients, these tea lights do not contain harmful substances such as paraffin. The vegan tea lights burn cleanly and have a stable flame.

The ecological tea lights create an atmospheric light and are also perfectly suitable for use in a fragrance burner. They are a wonderful addition to the ecological wax melts! Read more about our ecological working methods and sustainable products on this page.

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