Discover the magic of scented burners

With a scented burner you not only pamper yourself, but also your wax melts! Discover a range of special scented burners in all shapes and colors. From witches' cauldrons to recycled scent burners. The range is always changing. Also discover our eco tea lights
Stay hot sweety, keep on melting!

Want to buy a scented burner? The perfect addition to your interior.

What is a scent burner?
With a scent burner you can spread a wonderful scent throughout your house or room. A fragrance burner and wax melts are inextricably linked. They are like ying and yang, peppi and kokki or salt and pepper. A fragrance burner is a small evaporator that works on a heating element. This can be electric or with a tea light.
By placing a wax melt in the bowl, it will melt due to the heat. When melting, wonderful fragrance oils are released that provide your home or room with a new or your favorite scent.

What is the difference between a wax burner, fragrance burner or wax warmer?

Guer burner, aroma burner, wax burner, oil burner, wax warmer or wax melter: it's all the same. All these burners are often heated by a tea light, but there are also electric burners for sockets and with cable. It just depends on what you like better or more beautiful! Just like with scent, everyone has their own opinion about this. We love you anyway!
PS: Skullding Hot only sells burners for tea lights.

How do I clean a wax melt warmer?

Do you want to change scent or is there no scent left? Read here how to best clean a scented burner.