Wax melts in fresh scents

All these wax melts are inspired by Lusj! They will never be perfect and the same, but they will come very close. Be surprised! Do you miss a certain scent? Please let us know!

Buy wax melts with scents inspired by Lusj

Experience the magic of our Lusj inspired wax melts, designed to fill your home with an aura of energy and recognition. Leave a lasting impression with these scents, just like Lusj's most beloved products.

Discover the delicious notes of fresh flowers, fruity extracts and soothing herbs - all in a small wax melt. Think of the popular ones lady of misrule, All the goods of Pink rose jam. Is your favorite already listed? All Skullding Hot wax melts are inspired by the famous bath bomb cosmetics brand. They are therefore never the same, but very close.

Discover the enchantment of our wax melts on bass made of ecological rapeseed wax, inspired by the most beloved Lusj fragrances that pamper your senses. Go on a journey of discovery through our collection and be seduced by the lush and refreshing scents for your home.