Cat candles

Be enchanted by our beautiful cat candles, where shape and scent come together in a playful and artistic design. Choose your favorite color and scent and we will get to work for you right away.

Atmospheric magic with cat candles

At Skullding Hot we believe in creating unique works of art, and our cat candles are no exception. Each piece is crafted with love and precision, especially for you. Choose your favorite color and scent, and create a candle that reflects your personality and love for cats.

Ecological Cat Candles: A Sustainable Masterpiece

Our cat candles are made from ecological rapeseed wax, a natural and sustainable alternative to traditional wax. This makes our candles not only a beautiful addition to your interior, but also an environmentally conscious choice. Rapeseed wax is extracted from abundantly growing rapeseed plants and has minimal impact on the ecosystem. By choosing our cat candles, you contribute to the conservation of our beautiful planet, while enjoying the enchanting atmosphere that the candles create.

Magical scents and an enchanting atmosphere

The ecological choice of rapeseed wax not only means that our cat candles are environmentally friendly, but also that they are naturally strong scent carriers. With a touch of warmth, the candles subtly and gradually spread an enchanting scent, immediately immersing you in a calming and cozy atmosphere. Whether you light the candles or simply leave them as decoration, they will surround you with a magical scent that caresses your senses.

A Purr-fect piece for you and your space

Our cat candles are not only a tribute to creativity and sustainability, but also a nod to the love for our beloved four-legged friends. Every time you light one of our cat candles, you will light not only your space, but also your heart with warmth and joy. These works of art make a beautiful addition to any interior and allow you to enjoy the atmospheric magic they bring.

Go for a personal cat candle for your company!

Looking for a unique and personalized gift for your company or employees? Think of pet stores, cat cafes, pet accessories boutiques, or simply cat lovers. Our cat candles can be adapted to your corporate identity and vision. Please feel free to contact us, we are ready to think along with you and bring your ideas to life.