Fragrance-free figure candles

The figure candles from Skullding Hot are versatile and unique decorative items that can add a playful and intriguing atmosphere to your room. Completely ecological, without odor, color and for a nice affordable price. A wonderful gift, also for yourself!

Figure candles in unique shapes.

At Skullding Hot we like alternatives, and our figure candles are the perfect example of this. From skulls to cats, ghosts to spines, these figure candles add a playful yet intriguing atmosphere to your space.

Whether you are looking for striking (Halloween) decorations, meaningful gifts or simple moments of enjoyment, our figure candles offer countless possibilities to enrich your environment with creativity and ecological beauty.

Ecological candles without fragrance and dyes

Our figure candles are made from ecological rapeseed wax, a sustainable alternative to traditional wax. Rapeseed wax is extracted from rapeseed plants, which grow abundantly and have little impact on the environment. The result? An odor-free and environmentally conscious candle that not only lights up your space, but also has a positive impact on the world around us.

Whether you display them in your home, gift them to a friend, or use them as unique decor for a special occasion, our figure candles are sure to add a touch of character and durability to your living space.

Are you looking for a different shape or do you have a nice idea?Feel free to contact us, we can always help you create your personal candle or expand our collection. Sharing is caring, and together we make everything more fun.