Wholesale of scented candles and wax melts

Looking for scented candles or wax melts wholesale, purchasing handmade home perfume or large numbers of products for gift packages? 
Skullding Hot is happy to provide exclusive, ecological scented candles that suit your company or institution. Are you convinced of our own scented candle collection or are you looking for scented candles with a personalized label? Skullding Hot is happy to think along with you!

Complete your webshop, physical store, hostel, Bed & Breakfast, hair salon or other business with exclusive, sustainable scented candles from Skullding Hot. Use our handmade scented candles as a business gift, Christmas gift or other gift packages. We are happy to help you put together a special candle, even in small quantities!

Buy ecological scented candles

Would you like to purchase soy scented candles that we have in our standard range? Nice! Skullding Hot's scented candles are made from ecological soy wax and are enriched with your favorite scents. These can be scents from our standard range, but we will also be happy to source them for you in consultation. The scented candles come standard in matte black glasses with lids and are packaged in recycled cardboard. We work as sustainably as possible, which makes our green hearts beat faster.

Personalized scented candles wholesale

We also like to think along with your company for scented candles wholesale or resale. Think of a special scent and/or title in combination with your corporate identity or attitude. We like to think in terms of possibilities and love new ideas! We would like to be inspired by you to come up with a great plan together. Collaboration is the key to success, which only makes the scented candles more fun.

Personalized scented candles

Are you looking for scented candles with a personalized label? No problem! As a designer, I would like to think along with you. A nice statement, slogan, congratulations, pick-me-up or I unleash my creativity on a company logo. Perfect as a promotional gift, wedding gift, Christmas package or gift package. When you light a scented candle you already make it a moment, so let it be an extra special moment. I'd love to think along with you!

At Skullding Hot it is important that there is a click: that there is a connection between us. All products are handmade and a lot of time is spent on this, which means we enjoy it even more when they end up in the right place. This ultimately makes the products even more personal and unique.
Please feel free to contact me and we will be happy to discuss ideas and possibilities! 

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