Stay hot & hydrated

Skullding Hot likes to enrich your life with extra beauty goodies and skulls, so that you feel good always and everywhere. We offer convenient, durable and/or reusable items that are ideal for on the go, at home, at work, in your bag, jacket and everywhere. A varied range of skulls that bring out your feeling of happiness. You deserve it!

The beauty of skulls.

Of course, if your name is Skullding Hot, you can't ignore it: skulls. A universal form in which we are all equal. We all have one and  are the same in this. Our senses are located in the skull, ideas are created and that makes us all unique. It's not scary, skulls are actually a beautiful symbol for us as humans.

With this preference, Skullding Hot is happy to supplement the range with additional items to make you feel even more beautiful.

Everything with a sustainable thought

Skullding Hot provides you with handmade home perfume, but is also happy to fill your life with other fun skull products. Of course everything goes through the selection first! We look at alternative goodies that are reusable, can last for years, are always useful and can therefore continue the green and sustainable idea. Products that are multifunctional or handy items that you can use anytime and anywhere. Isn't that hot? 

The combination of skulls and roses make these items friendly, feminine, stubborn and yet cool. Just like you!