Wax melts in fresh scents

With wax melts in sweet scents an extra scoop of sugar is never a bad idea and will keep you satisfied without gaining an ounce of weight! From creamy coconut, irresistible cookies, delicious desserts and fruit scents that make you happy. It's time for joy!

The magic of sweet wax melt scents

Wax melts in sweet scents have a unique influence on our state of mind. They take you back to happy memories, bring joy and, above all, comfort.

Think of homemade cookies, cotton candy birthday parties, that wonderful beach holiday from last year, a magical festival or discover cheerful sweet scent mixes that will give you new ideas! Sweet scents have the power to improve your mood and that's exactly what we want at Skullding Hot. Shine on sweety, today is your day!

Wax melts in sweet scents help with:

  • Strengthening positive memories
  • Creativity and inspiration
  • Mood-enhancing properties
  • Pampering and enjoyment (treat yourself!)

Is your favorite sweet not listed? Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to take requests!