Discover Skullding Hot's wax melts: an indispensable addition to any room. A fragrant enchantment that enriches your daily life. Everything is handmade and ecologically based. Say goodbye to headaches and welcome a new world of your favorite fragrance explosions.
Are you looking for a specific scent or do you have an idea? Please feel free to contact us!

Enrich your world with ecologically based wax melts.

Wax melts are small, fragrant cubes that emit an explosion of delicious aromas when heated. Skullding Hot uses ecological, high-quality rapeseed wax and contains enchanting scents that are released as soon as the wax blocks
to melt.

Why choose wax melts?

  1. Unique, intense experience: Let yourself be carried away by new scent experiences! Wax melts create a powerful scent that positively influences your mood and embraces your senses
  2. Extensive fragrance collection: Choose from various collections such as perfume wax melts, fruit wax melts, Christmas wax melts and seasonal options. There is always a scent that suits your mood and needs.
  3. Long lasting pleasure: Thanks to the slow, even distribution of fragrance, you can enjoy magical aromas for hours that fill every corner of your home.
  4. Flexible atmosphere creation: Wax melts can be quickly changed, so you can respond to your feelings. Transform your living room into a relaxation paradise or give your workspace an invigorating boost.
  5. Animal-friendly and biodegradable: Skullding Hot wax melts are based on ecological wax and biodegradable. They do not contain paraffin and are therefore less harmful to humans and animals. It's not without reason that we chose animal paws!

The world of wax melts is getting bigger

The Skullding Hot range continues to grow and we are happy to respond to your requests. Our collection includes a wide range of fragrances, from... perfume wax melts such as La Vie and Opium is Black to inspiration from well-known cosmetics companies. These are supplemented with classics such as fresh laundry scents, soothing baby powder or invigorating eucalyptus. Also oriental scents such as incense, musk and spices contribute to our range. Skullding also has Hot for every season
(spring, summer, autumn and winter) a beautiful collection of scents. Discover your favorite now!

Which wax melts should I choose?

We understand that it can be difficult. Scent is extremely personal! That's what makes us all so fun and unique. On the page Which scent suits me? We are happy to help you find fragrance notes that suit you.

What are popular wax melt scents?

Here are some popular and beautiful wax melt scents to get you started:

 How do you use wax melts, how does it work?

 The switch to wax melts can take some getting used to, but it is a lot of fun! Create a special moment for yourself and therefore make it your moment. The wax melts are fragrance cubes that you can melt in a fragrance burner. The scent burner heats up with a tea light or electrically, which will melt the wax melt. The scents are released within seconds and you can enjoy your moment for hours. More information about using wax melts can be found on the "Everything about Waxmelts" page.

Choose sustainable, handmade wax melts and other home perfume

All our wax melts are handmade with care and love. Because of this, the natural colors may sometimes vary, but they all have the same power. Ordering wax melts is easy and they are sent by letterbox post, so you don't have to stay at home! Skullding Hot has now also added scented candles and scented sticks to its range.

Do you want to transform your favorite wax melt scent into fragrance sticks? Please feel free to contact us, we always think in possibilities!