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Skullding Hot

Appel kaneel

Appel kaneel

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Laat je onderdompelen in de feestelijke sfeer van warmte en vertrouwdheid met deze Appel Kaneel waxmelts! De zoete, sappige appeltjes worden volledig omarmd door de kruidige kaneel, wat zorgt voor een warme gloed van gelukzaligheid. Perfect voor de gezellige avonden rondom de kerstboom, maar deze betoverende geur weet ook in de koude maanden daarna veel warmte te brengen.

Een klassieke combinatie die geen seconde verveelt!
Probeer ook de Son of a santa waxmelt, dit is met kaneel en sinaasappel geur! 

Inhoud appel kaneel waxmelts:

    • Je ontvangt 1 zakje met 2 blokjes van 7-8 gram per stuk
    • Éen geurblokje geeft ongeveer 4 tot 6 uur geur af
    • Geen water bij toevoegen
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Extra info:

Discover the magic of Skullding Hot wax melts

Skullding Hot Wax Melts are homemade scent cubes for your scent burner. The heat releases the scent and you can quickly enjoy your favorite scents. A perfect way to fill your home with coziness! The wax melts are made from ecological rapeseed wax, a sustainable and vegetable wax that is completely biodegradable. Because these wax melts do not contain paraffin, they are not harmful to humans or animals. We even receive compliments from people with allergies, asthma or COPD. Isn't that hot?

How long does a wax melt last?

With one wax melt block you create a wonderful scent explosion that lasts 4 to 6 hours. Per bag, which contains two cubes, you have 8 to 12 hours of fragrance pleasure. This way you can easily change scents and fully respond to your feeling or the moment. More information about which scent suits you can be found on the page which scent suits me?

How do you use wax melts?

Using wax melts is very easy!

  1. Heat the wax warmer or light a tea light and place it in the scent burner.
  2. Put your favorite wax melt scent in the bowl of the burner.
  3. Within a few seconds the wax melt will start to melt. The magic begins, enjoy sweety!


Wax melts are sent by letterbox post. So you don't have to stay at home for it!
Do you live around Groningen? Then pick up is also an option.

"When you open the box, a wonderful scent is immediately released. It is truly a gift and brings a smile to your face"

- Marjanne -