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Coffin scented sticks

Coffin scented sticks

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Complete your interior with this one coffin scent sticks! These fragrance sticks are designed in a unique, special coffin bottle that makes your interior just that little bit more quirky. Do you dare?! Break through the traditional (bourgeois) living rooms and feel even more at home with this unique, alternative interior perfume.

With these unique coffin reed diffusers you can complete your living room, hall, bathroom or toilet. Fragrance sticks are ideal because you don't have to worry about them at all. Remove the cap, insert the sticks and give your new family friend a nice place. The bottle has a height of 19 cm, containing rattan sticks of 30 cm that have a wonderful range for the scent. Does the scent fade a bit? Turn the rattan fragrance sticks occasionally so that the scent can spread again.

Choose your favorite home scent and we will get to work for you right away. Is your favorite scent not listed? Please feel free to contact us, we are open to requests!

Details of fragrance sticks in coffin bottle:

  • Coffin bottle dimensions: 19cm x 7cm x 4cm
  • Height including sticks: 33cm
  • Contents: 200ml 

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Extra info:

Discover the enchanting world of fragrance sticks

The subtlest and longest-lasting way to continuously wrap a room in wonderful aromas, or even your favorite perfume, is with fragrance sticks! Fragrance sticks are true masterpieces of subtle fragrance diffusion. Skullding Hot fragrance sticks are designed to slowly and steadily release their wonderful scent into every corner of your home. Ideal for the toilet, for example! They last extra long (especially compared to regular fragrance sticks), are alcohol-free and made from plant-based ingredients.

Choose ecological fragrance sticks
Skullding Hot fragrance sticks last extra long because they do not contain alcohol. This means that the base evaporates less quickly and this ecological choice makes the scent more pronounced. A win-win situation!

How do you use fragrance sticks?

Using fragrance sticks is simple and effortless. Unscrew the cap, remove the foam cap and screw the gold silver cap of your choice back on. Place the sticks in the decorative bottle with the fragrant liquid and let the magic begin. The sticks absorb the scent and gradually spread it into the air.

Tip: Turn the sticks over once a week to freshen the scent and prevent them from becoming too clogged with oils and dust. Turn them once a day if you want a more powerful scent. Be careful not to spill any oil when you turn them over.

General tips for fragrance sticks

  1. Placement: Choose a strategic location for your fragrance sticks, such as near a doorway or window, so that the scent can easily spread throughout the room. Fragrance sticks are also ideal for the toilet!
  2. Intensity: For a more subtle scent, use fewer sticks. If you want to make the scent stronger, add more sticks.
  3. Lifespan: Give your fragrance sticks a long life by turning them occasionally and replenishing the liquid when necessary.
  4. Breathtaking ambiance: Combine fragrance sticks with candlelight or wax melts to create an enchanting ambiance that will awaken your senses.

    Whether you want to relax, brighten your mood or offer a warm welcome to guests, fragrance sticks are the perfect choice for an atmospheric fragrance experience.


The Skullding Hot fragrance sticks are sent by parcel post.
Do you live around Groningen? Then pick up is also an option.