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Hocus focus olieroller

Hocus focus olieroller

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Of Hocus focus olieroller is a wonderfully refreshing mix of rosemary, cypress and lemon. This uplifting scent mix provides focus, energy and well-being. More concentration, relieving mental fatigue and this roller also provides a refreshing and clear atmosphere.  

About the Hocus focus oil roller fragrance combination:

  1. Rosemary: Rosemary has a refreshing and stimulating scent. It is known for its energizing properties and can help promote concentration, focus and alertness. Rosemary is often used to reduce fatigue, stimulate the mind and promote a sense of clear thinking.

  2. Cypress: Cypress has a woody and fresh scent known for its invigorating and calming properties. It can help reduce mental fatigue, promote relaxation and support a sense of stability. Cypress is often used to promote a sense of balance, strength and well-being.

  3. Citroen: Lemon has a refreshing citrus scent known for its uplifting and revitalizing properties. It can help reduce stress, promote a positive mood and boost energy. Lemon is often used to clear the mind, reduce tension and create a feeling of freshness and vitality.


Details Hocus focus essential oil roller

Contents: 10ml
Odor: rosemary, cypress and lemon.
Weight: 40 gram

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Extra info:

Discover the power of essential oil rollers

All oil rollers from Skullding Hot are made from 100% natural essential oils in a soothing base of Vitamin E-bearing oil. Each roller is specially formulated with a perfect combination of oils that work together to achieve goals. Think of relaxation, energy, enlightenment, happiness and much more. Roll-ons are becoming increasingly popular in aromatherapy and are ideal for on-the-go use.

The benefits of essential oil rollers

The benefits of Skullding Hot essential oil rollers:

  • Pocket size: The roll-ons are compact and handy, making them easy to take anywhere. Perfect for on the go!
  • Uplifting scents: Each blend is carefully crafted for a unique fragrance experience.
  • Easy to apply: Thanks to the handy roll-on, you can easily apply the oils to the desired areas. Behind your ears, your wrists, your neck or wherever you like. Not for internal use. 


Scented burners are sent by letterbox post. So you don't have to stay at home for it!
Do you live around Groningen? Then pick up is also an option.